Michelle Newcome


Michelle has designed and implemented organizational resilience programs for a host of Fortune 500 clients in every industry from tech to retail to hospitality to manufacturing. Her programs focus on the integration of emergency response, security, crisis management, and business continuity into a holistic resiliency practice. She loves working with teams to build programs that reflect their organizational reality – whether that’s a small business or a business continuity team within a large organization. There’s a special place in her heart for mechanically complex environments because who doesn’t love nerding out on human ingenuity.

As Program Lead for the creation of a resiliency program for a tech giant’s data centers, Michelle developed and tested teams from diverse geographical and professional backgrounds. She worked closely with cross-functional teams representing security, facilities, EHS, ITDR, data security, and culinary to build a complete program. Michelle conducted over 70 tabletop exercises as part of this engagement and will forever be grateful to have visited Sweden four times per year because that’s the only country on earth where she is not the tallest woman within five miles. And yes the Northern Lights are as amazing as you’ve been promised they are.

In addition to her resiliency practice, Michelle is the CEO of  White Deer Group and leads the team at How2Conquer, a boutique publisher specializing in unique how-to books. She is also a Managing Partner at NorthPoint International, a consortium offering hospitality resilience and security consulting.

Yes, she has lots of chairs she’s never actually sat in because she’s always moving. This is the magic of the empty nest years, y’all!

Education & Certifications
  • CBCP, DRI International
  • MFA, Writing, Georgia State University
  • MA, Education, University of Redlands
  • BA, English, University of California, Riverside


  • Global Security Threat Response Program
  • Investigations Guide

  • Data Center Resiliency Program
  • Emergency Response
  • Crisis Management Program Design

  • Business Resiliency Planning and Program Design

  • Security Protocols
  • Crisis Management Program Documentation

  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Data Centers Crisis Management Planning
  • Distribution Centers Emergency Response Planning
  • RISC 24/7 Response Center Analyst Process Design

  • Global Resiliency Program
  • Business Continuity Program
  • Security Standards and Protocols

  • Crisis Management Plans