Michelle defines business resiliency as a core set of practices to identify risks, recognize and mitigate potential threats, respond effectively, and ensure a speedy return to business after an incident.

A resilient organization recognizes business disruptions before they get a chance to wreak havoc, mitigating the issues before they become crisis scenarios. Michelle dives deep to learn your organization: how you communicate, how your leadership team works, the quirks of your buildings, and local economic and environmental factors that could impact your operations.

With a holistic view of the threats facing your facilities and your people,  Michelle helps your organization design and implement core resiliency practices and craft plans and programs that scale for your organization.


Crisis Management and Business Continuity teams are often small – even in the largest organizations – and the people charged with protecting companies often don’t have the chain of command with deep knowledge all the way up their org chart to help them grapple with challenges. Effective Business Resiliency Coaching brings practical working ideas and knowledge to your team to help them shape and grow their program. Michelle also provides a sounding board to help solve problems and craft solutions based on the specific and particular needs of your organization. Coaching can be arranged on a retainer basis or for one-off questions or needs.


Practice better prepares your teams and helps identify critical issues that can be addressed before an actual situation goes off the rails. Michelle designs and leads live-action drills and tabletop exercises that equip you to engage and empower everyone from intern to executive.

During a full-building evacuation drill, your staff will become familiar with evacuation routes and assembly points, your floor wardens will practice their roles, and your resiliency team will discover pain points and opportunities for improvement.

Tabletop exercises offer challenges to the resiliency team: our approach emphasizes role-play of realistic, real-world scenarios, particularly area-wide weather events, medical incidents, facility disruptions, and situations specific to the community. Every tabletop moves the team through a timeline, introduces hurdles to overcome, and encourages discussion at each stage. This builds the team’s confidence, allows them to think through complex decisions, and refines the resiliency program.

Michelle Newcome is a consultant and team member extraordinaire. She has a supreme gift of understanding a complicated program, each of its individual pieces, and building a true work of art to support and sustain the program over time and at scale. She is gifted in her ability and technical prowess to partner with individuals at a range of levels from high level decision makers to technical Subject Matter Experts.

In short, Michelle is solution-oriented, relentless in her passion to support her client, and has expertise and dexterity that will benefit any business in any industry. I cannot recommend Michelle enough.

Jordan Norberg, Global Security Data Centers Resiliency Manager, Facebook

When I was tapped to be the emergency preparedness person for my department at Georgia State University, I relied on Michelle’s expertise to keep my team prepared and safe. The real-life tools she provided me with also helped me to properly prepare my family to shelter in place during this Covid-19 pandemic. My only moment of panic when everything began to shut down was the thought that the world does not yet have access to Michelle, and I begged her to solve that one for everyone.

Adrienne Tankersley, Atlanta, Georgia
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