Q: What is the secret to happiness?

A: Being happy with what you have and thankful for everything that comes into your life. 

Q: How important is the balance between work and play?

A: Balance has always implied, to me at least, that there are two opposing forces that must be made equal in order to achieve balance. It think the word “balance” creates a misguided metaphor. Work and play are more integrated for most people. We bring our whole selves to everything we do whether we show that or not. Work and play are an ebb and bleed between our various personal components. For example, sewing taught me patience and how important it is to customize everything you do so it suits you. Photography teaches me to look at things from different angles and perspectives. From poetry I learned the power of a simple thought constructed elegantly. All of these things are play, yet they have direct bearing on how I build resilience programs. 

Q: Why is Gen X the best generation?

A: It really is true that we raised ourselves. I ran feral and was in charge of other kids from the time I was 11 onward. When you know there is not a parent who is reachable, you develop an ability to take care of yourself and overcome all the crazy things that can happen in a day. We built up this ability to just apply grit to everything. Plus, you really can’t beat the music of the 80s and 90s.